Allergy: Information

  • What is Allergy?
    • It is a hyper-response of our immune system to a particular substance like any food, pollen, season, drug etc. to which we got sensitive. It may manifests in different way, through any of symptoms like sneezing, nasal discharges, cough, breathlessness, lachrymation, redeye, itching, skin eruption etc.

  • What things are most likely to cause allergies?
    • Variety of ordinary substances can trigger allergic response in a person. These are called "allergens." Among the most common are any food, plant pollens, household dust (dust mites), animal dander, industrial chemicals, medicines and even some season and weather also where certain dust and pollen are more in air.

      An allergic reaction may occur anywhere in the body, but usually appears in nose, eyes, respiratory system, skin and occasionally gastric system also.

  • Can Allergies be inherited from previous generation?
    • Not all, but many of children of allergic parents are at higher chance to get allergy.

  • What is Allergy test? Is it useful?
    • Allergy can be diagnosed in most patients through careful history and examination. Blood cell count may help to know about it, especially eosinophils count.

      There are many other test available for detection of allergy. Among that is Allergy Screening Test, where patient’s blood is tasted for various substances for allergy, this will help in detection of the substance which is causing allergy, but all time it may not be the fact or truth that the substance which are positive for allergies in laboratory, those are actually causing trouble in real life. And some causes are still hidden even after that also.

  • How Modern medicines/Allopathy treats Allergy?
    • There are usually anti-histaminics and in severe cases steroids are given in most cases of allergy, this method suppresses the hyper response of immune system for short time or remained suppressed till you are on the medication. It doesn’t cure the real imbalance of immune system. So most allergy cases do not get cured totally with modern medicine/ Allopathy. Well, it may help to control the severe cases.

  • What is immunotherapy in Allopathy?
    • It is method where patient is periodically given controlled exposure to his/her allergens through injections of artificially prepared combination for de-sensitization. This therapy depends on the allergy screening tests, it helps in cases where patient’s real allergen match with the test, but the fact is that allergy detected in laboratory non-living test may not be the actual troubling allergy in living body of patient. Real problem is the imbalance of immune system, which cannot be deal with only test and immune therapy all time.

  • How does Homeopathy help in Allergy?
    • Homeopathy considers the living patient and its all responses to his/her environment. It considers the patient as a whole including mind, body, disease symptoms, responses to various factors and all. Allergy is a manifestation of imbalanced immune system due to lost harmony of the person’s mind-body-environment. Here Homeopathy helps a lot with its medicines, which effectively balance the disturbed harmony and hence immune system also. With long term Homeopathic treatment patient’s immune system gets balanced and all allergy symptoms gradually get less frequent and less intense then ultimately resolved and cured.