Myths & Facts: Homeopathy

  • Does Homeopathy act slowly?
    • It’s a common myth that it always acts slow. But the time for recovery and cure of particular disease depends on the nature and pathology of disease, patient’s lifestyle, other factors affecting the disease and so. Not only on homeopathy. So it act fast in acute cases and relatively slow in chronic long lasting cases where the pathology is such, slow to recover with tissue changes.

  • Why all medicines in homeopathy seem same as small white pills?
    • Because those white pills are not actual medicines but the medium/vehicle through which actual medicines are given. Actual medicines are in liquid form which is imbibed in pills according to condition, and it is those pills – imbibed with original medicines is given to patient according to his/her condition.

  • Do Homeopathic medicines contain Steroids?
    • No, they do not. This myth is due to the white pills and powder given to patient, but those white pills and powder( which is made up of lactose) is simple medium/vehicle to give original liquid medicines (which are prepared from natural sources), which is dispensed in appropriate dose. Homeopathy medicines are totally natural and harmless and never contain steroids.

  • Is Homeopathy effective only in chronic disease?
    • Actually, Homeopathy acts in almost all cases acute and chronic except some mechanical problem (E.g. accidents) and emergencies. This is due to lack of awareness and experience about homeopathy. It acts fast when the disease is acute and can give faster result.

  • Can I take Allopathy/other medicines, when my homeopathic treatment is on?
    • It is totally depend on the disease condition and type of medicine. Patients are advised to stop unnecessary medicines, some necessary medicines is continued as per need. Some medicines can be stopped but with appropriate care and guidance of expert. Homeopathy acts even when other medicines are on. Don’t worry.

  • How can small pills of Homeopathy cure the long lasting disease, which is not relieved even with injections and so?
    • Appropriate dose, potency and repetition of homeopathic medicines cure the disease, not the size. Homeopathic medicines are prepared with special procedure, so even small doses are so much effective to bring change in body and produce cure. As couple of drops of some poisons is fatal, likewise but positively, these small homeopathic pills act and cure the disease.

  • Do I need some Laboratory investigation for Homeopathic treatment?
    • Investigations are for understanding of disease and its stage/phase/significance. So homeopath may need some basic investigations in some cases, it does totally depend on case; all cases do not need investigations. Beside investigations, Homeopathy considers disease presentation, patient’s nature, habit, constitution and all for disease treatment. So investigations are part of a treatment plan.