Medical Services

    • We provide best Homeopathic Treatment for all, Chronic and Acute conditions ( Non-Emergency); for kids, adults, female problems and old age problems also. The services are aimed to provide best solution to all day-to-day health problems and also to difficult and persistent chronic health problems.

      With a unique approach, you will be provided best class homeopathic treatment for your health problems.

      Quality service, individual attention and support with excellence in Homeopathy are our motives on hand, in heart.

      Some categories of health problems are listed below for guidance of patients:

      • Chronic Diseases

      • Gastric and digestive problems

      • Muscle and joint related problems

      • Kid’s health problems

      • Headaches of different types, migraines etc.

      • Allergic complaints

      • Sleep problems

      • Mental problems; anxiety, depression etc.

      • Skin problems

      • General fatigue and tiredness

    • Allergy is a seriously increasing health issue all over world, since we have been adopting more artificial and un-natural life style in food, activity, treatments etc. and also with various types of pollutions. Allergies are usually manifested as recurrent or continuous cold, coryza, sneezing, cough, itching, urticaria, dermatitis etc. Modern medicine can give only temporary solution, with very little help for long term benefits. Whereas Homeopathy can give best long term solution for allergies.

      We provide effective homeopathic treatment in allergy for long term benefits and in most cases with permanent solution, without any side-effects. With our Homeopathic Treatment usually patient get benefits within a short time, but to cure it totally it need long term treatment, say for few months. By the time, with treatment, patient’s complaints get milder and less frequent and then ultimately totally cured.

      Special Features

      • Genuine and standard Homeopathic Treatment

      • Long term benefits in Allergy

      • Can avoid or stop Allopathic medicines for Allergy

      • Immunity gets better

      • General health improves

      • Without any side effects

      • No costly investigations – just basic if needed.

    • We provides best and safe homeopathic treatment for different health problems of children. Main health issues of children in today’s life are recurrent illnesses like repeatedly occurring cold, cough, bronchitis and infections. With standard homeopathic treatment theses problem are best treated and managed.

      Other issue is bed-wetting/enuresis, many children suffers from it, it affect their confidence level too, here we provides best and effective homeopathic solutions with which this weird and troubling issue can be removed.

      Apart from these we provide treatment for allergies in children, hyperactivity, worms, recurrent tonsillitis etc.

      Special features

      • Easy to take medicines; As homeopathic medicines are not bitter and palatable and pleasant.

      • Safe and without side effects

      • Boost up immunity and general health and development

      • Effective and Holistic.

    • Stress is a broad term, which does not mean any particular disease. But generally stress, mainly mental stress is commonly affecting everybody in today’s life. Up to some extent it is normal, but when it disturbs your routines, mental stability, productivity and health then it should be treated promptly.

      Another fact is many complaints and diseases such as High Blood Pressure, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), some non specific muscle pains, some gastric disturbances, fatigue and tiredness and auto immune disease also has been linked with stress. As there is no specific treatment in modern medicines (Allopathy) for many of them, hence patient’s suffering and frustration get worsen without any specific solution.

      Here Homeopathy comes as a better solution with its holistic approach, which consider patient as a whole including mind and body. So we consider stress and complaints both for treatment with needed orientation and counseling for best outcome. Our approach in stress and its complaints is effective and natural, without any side-effects.