Homeopathy: Introduction

Homeopathy, known as one of the alternative medicine systems. Which is at present, world’s 2nd large system of medicine after Allopathy-Modern Medicine. Last few decades have shown rise in the development and awareness of Homeopathic Treatment all over the world, with the increasing disadvantage and side effects of Allopathy-Modern Medicine, as it failed to cure many diseases permanently.

Homeopathy is the system of medicine which has grown over more than 200 years with many experiences, experiments and principles based on logic and natural science. Homeopathy was/is ahead of time, so it has been facing controversies many times from its material-minded opponents.

It is the method discovered by Dr Hahnemann in 1796 who was German physician and developed, improved and spread all over the world by many dedicated homeopaths for the good of Mankind.


Homeopathy believes in natural principles; to live, to cure. It considers life and Health as a functioning of energy in harmony and the disease as disturbance of this energy.

Disease is disharmony within a person, who failed to balance appropriately with his environment(family-work-society-physical environment), hence he becomes the Patient. That is being expressed as signs and symptoms. Homeopathic Treatment is to help the person’s system to remove the disease by regaining natural harmony through homeopathic medicines, diet n regimen and positive life style modifications.

Homeopathy believes in ‘similia similibus curenter’ which is natural law of cure, well proven experientially and experimentally by its founder and many other pioneers.

Individualization: According to Homeopathy, every person is different in nature, so the reactions and so the treatment. Homeopathy treats patient as an individual in disease, not just by the name of diagnosed disease condition. It considers the whole person; signs n symptoms at mental and physical level and diagnosis too. So it has detailed account of the case taking for knowing the person n his disease.


Homeopathy believes in gentleness, so medicines are given in minute doses, homeopathic medicines/dilutions are prepared from totally natural sources, mainly different types of plants, some minerals, some animal products like milk, etc. There is unique method to prepare medicines called ‘Potentization’ which makes homeopathic medicines more Effective, Powerful, Harmless and without any side-effects.