Kids Health Problems: Information

  • Is homeopathy is safe for children?
    • Homeopathy is totally safe and effective for any age group, even new born can have homeopathic treatment for its complaints without any danger. So preschool, school and adolescence age group can take homeopathic treatment with total safety.

  • How is homeopathy for recurrent illnesses of child?
    • Often many children gets recurrent complaints like fever, cold and cough, infections etc. the problem is mainly due to low immunity and in many cases allergic. The both can be effectively treated with right homeopathic treatment in children.

  • Can one opt for homeopathy in acute illness of children?
    • Yes. Homeopathy works great even in acute illnesses and also work fast with good results. But the overall treatment plan and need for modern medicine can be decided on the basis of clinical condition and phase of the disease, hence integrated approach can be adopted in some cases, and in some cases can be treated with only homeopathy.

  • What is bed-wetting and what is the role of homeopathy in bed-wetting?
    • Bed-wetting in children is also called enuresis in medical term. Usually after some age, particularly till 4, most of children get control over urination. But some child can not have it even after 4 or 5 and in some cases even after 8years of age. They usually urinate involuntarily in bed during sleep. This is annoying and frustrating for parents. Discouraging and shameful for child. A child may be losing self confidence due to this. There is no direct solution of this problem in modern day medicine or even in psychiatry.
      Homeopathy with its holistic approach proved best and highly effective in number of such cases and solved the parents’ dilemma and helped to regain the normalcy in the life of such children.