Obesity: A Global Concern

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Hello, all health conscious friends, here are some thoughts on obesity; I wish this would be useful to all of you to make you healthier and maintain it better.

It is a boon to be healthy and fit. But this can only be maintained through our healthy way of living, otherwise gradually, the modern food and life style trends which are popular and impacting all of us tremendously, are surely going to make all of us unhealthy and fat. Obese people are far more prone to develop many serious diseases than normal weight people. Life expectancy reduces, health expenses increase and life quality degrades with increasing obesity. So it is a high time to think and act upon the issue at mass and individual level.

Let’s explore some facts which are mostly responsible for overweight and obesity.

Obesity and Food trends:

Existing food trends due to easy availability, luring marketing and faster life style is most common reason for having excessive calorie intake more than needed.

Intake of refined sugar and fat has been knowingly and/or unknowingly raised through ever increasing use of soft drinks, energy drinks, causal eating of chocolates, ice creams n all other junk foods which also contains cheese, butter and oils. Refined sugar from all these junk food transiently raises blood sugar level which keeps stimulating pancreas for insulin, and after long time it fails to maintain balanced insulin secretion and leads to Diabetes. Unnecessary calories gained through junk food, converted in to fat and deposited in our body for long just to make us unhealthier.

Processed food is easy to have for hunger to a lazy and busy mind. Most of processed foods contain less nutrition than homemade food, vegetables and fruits. They have higher calories in comparison to total nutritious value they have. Lesser and rare use of whole grains make us deprived of some vitamins and nutrition just to make us all consume vitamin pills afterwards!

Solution is simple, eat that much what you burn by your activities, avoid extra calories from junk and fast food, Eat more vegetables, fruits and homemade food. Avoid processed food and refined sugars. Try to include variety of food in your diet; like whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, spices, healthy fat, milk etc.

Obesity and Activity Trends:

There is a noted decline in physical activity due to increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of job at work, changing modes of transportation which reduced a major part of manual exertion and increasing urbanization which created a culture of less manual and more automated system. These all factors made major population sedentary. Thus all over trend to do physical activity reduced culturally, which leads to passive life style in terms of energy expense. On the other hand our food habits got modified with modern times which are not in balance with our current energy expense. This ultimately raised the obesity occurrence all over the world.

What to do to avoid hazards of modern life, specifically obesity? The principle is to balance the intake and expense of energy for maintaining healthy weight. So it would be wiser to expense some energy and limit a bit of intake. Do regular moderate exercises for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, try to do little physical activity at your routine work, whenever possible, like walk a short distance, go with stairs for 2 to 3 floors etc. regular physical activity makes you healthier and helps to avoid extra weight. Start now on, let’s go.

Obesity and Stress

Stress, on first thought, does not seem to be anywhere responsible for obesity. But it is, in many cases. Chronic mental stress leads to the secretions of unnecessary steroid hormones which are responsible for releasing more sugar in your body and also makes you fat. Stressed person lost motivation for daily physical activity, sometimes eats excessively to reduce tension and some consume higher calories through alcohol. All these negative sequences lead to unhealthy life style and it made the body fatter and less fit.

Our current mode of living facing many challenges; professional, familial, health related, social, economical and personal etc. Long term challenges may produce stress, if not handled well, then it will lead to chronic stress and its serious health sequence, obesity is one of them.

Here are some points to reduce and avoid stress. Though sever cases needs experts guidance. Still this can help to a major population. Avoid stress by making your life style healthy. Take a time for relaxation, do meditation, small family trip, give a quality time to your family, involve yourself in creative activity. Enjoy life in its full potential by giving you and others best of you.

Obesity has many health risks and it also increases the potential financial expenses than normal weight. So it is wiser to focus on prevention of those diseases and expenses by avoiding and reducing the unhealthy weight.

Wishing you all good health and Happiness.

- Dr. Navnit Vachhani