Allergy: Homeopathy explains

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Allergy is hyper response of the immune system and is manifested as sneezing, coryza, cough, asthma, itching, skin eruption anything. This is basic understanding. There has been a rise of people suffering from allergy since some decades. There were cases, but today we can observe a large number of people suffering from allergy. There are many substances keeps on being added as allergen (substance which causes the allergy), which were previously not found as allergen.

Previously some person used to have some seasonal allergy especially due to pollens, called hay fever. But with advancement of chemical industry and its interaction with agriculture and food industry, there are so many natural foods which are now imbibed with harmful chemicals, which are actually responsible for allergy. Vegetables, fruits, processed food, canned food etc. all may cause allergy.

Highly protected environment and ultra clean surroundings, especially in early childhood is another risk factor for allergy. Here person remains unexposed to basic common substances like dust, pollens and various other harmless substance, which afterwards when exposed may cause allergy, because s/he has never been exposed to them and so his/her body may treat these common substances as allergen and give rise to allergy.

Apart from this, there are many cases increasing with no obvious notable reason. The understanding of disease from homeopathic point of view helps there.

Allergy is basically a sign of internally heightened sensitivity, immune system just give response to the inner disturbance, which are usually deeper than biological process. The mind-body harmony gets disturbed, sensitivity and reactivity in general, from mind to body heightened, due to some unresolved internal conflict or uncompensated problem with one’s environment. our stress level due to that directly affects our immune system thought psycho-neuro-endochrinological axis. This is deeper understanding of the allergy process, which cannot be understood by just immune study. Allopathy cannot help further, except to suppress immune response.

So this keeps on increasing in modern stressful life and that is another reason of rise of allergy cases.

It’s a time to be aware and take appropriate action for controlling and removing allergy for better life in upcoming years.

Some individual suggestions may help,

• Try to avoid all artificial flavors and food,
• Prefer organic food,
• In case where organic veggies or fruits are not available; at least wash them thoroughly especially surfaces and leaves,
• Avoid unnecessary and self medication,
• When some mild allergy appears, do not rush to suppress them with allopathy medicines. Because whenever allergy is suppressed, it takes worse form next time and keeps on recurring unless treated promptly and naturally.
• Approach homeopathy for better and gentle treatment, it will better modify your sensitivity and immune response, to make your allergy subside and removed.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.

- Dr. Navnit Vachhani