Homeopathy: The Healing science of tomorrow

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Today, Homeopathy is getting popular as a second large branch of medicine after Modern Medicine. Among all alternative medicine systems homeopathy is most complete and effective science. Its firm base on natural principles of cure made it a consistent healing method. It could stand against the test of time with its great cures in wide spectrum of diseases. Millions of patients are taking advantages of homeopathy all over the world. It has been included in national health schemes in many countries. Because of its effectiveness in routine as well as chronic health problems, it is an ideal method to be approach for cure.

Special features of Homeopathy:

Some advantages Homeopathic treatment give is something one cannot have from modern medicine treatment. Here are few,

• It is natural and safe, as the medicines are from all natural sources and prepared with special process called potentization, so there are no side effects like allopathy drugs.
• Homeopathy produces long lasting result and permanent cures in most of diseases, as it targets the basic and root cause of the disease and making the internal
harmony better.
• Medicines are dispensed in sweet pills which are moistened with the original dilution of particular selected medicine, according to the condition of patient. So
it is easy and pleasant to take the medicines. Even kids happily take it without any disgusting taste or fear of injections.
• Homeopathy treatment considers and affects the person as a whole, so the treatment for headache relieves no just headache but also cures other associated
problems and make person more healthy in all aspect.
• It improves the general immunity and body functions for better health of the person, make person more adaptable and strong against health challenges.

Homeopathy: an Advanced Science

Homeopathy has been facing oppositions from its skeptics since its inception in later part of 19th century, but till date it stood the test of time. Homeopathy could survive and grow against all stones threw by its opponent. This is due its solid foundation on natural and scientific principles of cure. So it could give tons of cures to the human kind with gentleness. It has been criticized for ultra dilution of medicines, especially from modern medicine skeptics and materialist. But with the all advanced development of nano technology, today many scientist and researchers, those are not homeopaths, could prove the reason of efficacy of homeopathic medicines by their experiments and research. So it has remained advanced from its time in terms of patient care. This was just one example of its proof.

Homeopathy: Expanding the Frontier

With the advancement of technology, available infrastructure and co-operation from modern medicine specialist, there are few zealous institutes and people, which could expand the scope of homeopathy. Homeopathy has been known for its OPD approach in mostly chronic disease. But with all available IPD and other supportive measures they could produce better results with homeopathy and needed interaction of auxiliary measures. Conditions like acute diarrhea, fever, pneumonia, acute psychiatric conditions also has been effectively treated with homeopathy and auxiliary measures. This need proper infrastructure and experts association. Homeopath alone cannot do this.

Homeopahty : Therapeutic Method of Tomorrow

Modern medicine – Allopathy has done miracle with the advancement in surgery techniques and some other infectious disease treatment. But it fails to cure most of chronic and life style disease. There are number of new diseases coming up with time like auto immune diseases. Iatrogenic diseases (which is due to side effects of medicines) increased than ever. Majority of chronic diseases are left uncured and deal just symptomatically with side effects from allopathic drug. Treatment methods and application of their medicines are frequently changing without permanent cure. Side effects of allopathy and blind use of antibiotic has become national and international health concern, which all major national and international association taken into consideration.

In this worsening scenario, Homeopathy is a better solution to be adapted. Due to its effectiveness in most of chronic and acute disease, gentleness and harmlessness. Many people are moving from traditional medicine to Homeopathy for their health care. Holistic and principle based homeopathy getting more attention as next option. It’s a therapeutic method of tomorrow.

Homeopathy has a great potential for making individual and population healthy as dreamed by its founder Dr. Hahnemann.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.

- Dr. Navnit Vachhani