What are the things from modern medicine that Homeopathic Principles can allow?

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Hello all readers,

Here is a brief account of information and explanation about some measures from modern medicines which are in compliance with Homeopathic principles.

Homeopathy believes n natural cure, it believes that symptoms are expression of internally disturbed harmony. So homeopathy never supports suppression of symptoms through external or internal medicines. But with the advancement of the life sciences and technologies, there are lots of medications and measures that has come up, among them some are very helpful, which can be easily taken with homeopathy or in some cases they are genuine so homeopathy allows for that. What are they?

Vitamins and nutritional supplements, which are not medicines but supplements, should be taken when there is a clear indication of particular nutrient deficiency, especially in moderate to severe form. Mild form of deficiency can be solved with proper food and diet regime. Unnecessary vitamins and nutritional supplements should not be promoted as good measure, patients should avoid that. In case of clear deficiency of particular nutrient it can be taken.

Hormone therapy or insulin is necessary when the organ has lost all its capacity to secrete it further due to disease or anomaly or so. It becomes necessary to take what body cannot produce. But in absolute cases only, otherwise for instance, moderate cases of hypothyroidism doesn’t need external hormone, if treated well with homeopathy.

Surgery in case of emergency and in case of mechanical cause of disease is total necessary, which is suggested by Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, as he classified some cases of non-dynamic origin under surgical disease.

But he also put one category in his classification as pseudo-surgical cases; which means that it have a only solution as surgery in modern/traditional medicine, but actually, they are of dynamic origin and do not get cured even after surgery.

For example; recurrent tonsillitis can effectively be treated with homeopathy, whereas in Allopathy surgery is the only solution for recurrent tonsillitis after anti-biotic therapy fails. Removal of skin-warts is in trend but they will not resolve after removal also, it keeps on happening, so warts are better treated with internal homeopathic medicines.

So these are some measures which we should not ignore with over zeal of homeopathy. Hope this may help all of you and your family for better health-care.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.

- Dr. Navnit Vachhani